Hey, mama mama

May 20, 2015

You know that popular song on the radio right now, “Hey, Mama.” That song is my daughter’s theme song. Why, you ask? Because literally a million times a day (I kid you not!), she is calling for me.

Mama, look at this.
Mama, I need a snack.
Mama, how do you spell prayer?
Mama, mama, mama.

Now I’m not complaining – that’s not to say that sometimes I want to let out a little scream after she’s said mama over and over and over again when I’m trying to get something done – but, when this song came on the radio the other day when we were in the car, I couldn’t help but crack up.

“Gianna, this is your theme song!” I shrieked.

She didn’t quite get it at first. So I told her to listen to the lyrics and she, too, started laughing (and singing along!).

So now every time that song comes on the radio, we pump up the volume and sing our hearts out.

On a side note, I just looked up the full lyrics to the actual song and some of the lyrics are pretty gross. We only shout the “Hey, Mama” part because, heck, it’s fun and that’s what life’s all about!