The Glory Days

I grew teary-eyed as we drove home from our morning beach trip today – teary-eyed for a good reason. I couldn’t help but think these are the best days of my life. These are my Glory Days. These are the days that will appear on the timelines of my kids’ Facebook pages when they post pictures on Throwback Thursdays.

Moments like this morning make me wish I could put them in a box to revisit later. Oh how I wish Dumbledore’s Pensieve was real: To place a wand on my head, extract a memory, put it inside a magic bowl and fall inside to relive that moment… if only magic really did exist. Oh to relive every dimply smile, baby coo, imaginative play experience, and kiss and hug!

It is in the ordinary experiences of everyday life where fulfillment exists. It is in my daughter’s happiness as we drove to the beach – she LOVES to sing, especially when excited about something. This morning’s soundtrack did not disappoint.  She sang every little kid song she could pull from her amazing almost 3-year-old memory: ABCs, London Bridge, Itsy Bitsy Spider (the list goes on and on); It is even in my 2-month-old son’s fussy moments, when I pause to sit in a chair and nurse him in a shady spot on a sandy beach as I listen to the waves crest and fall along the shore line. These are the days. The Glory Days.

I’ve thought a lot about how happy I feel to be able to have these moments with my children. I’m putting my teaching career on hold for a year at least to be able to become (a self-described) professional lake walker, playground hopper, supermom to my beautiful children. To be sure, not every moment is one I want to remember, but the good outweighs the bad (even those feisty, temper tantrum, stubborn toddler moments).

These are the days.

In some ways, it’s almost like reliving the Glory Days of my own childhood. My favorite memories live in the summer moments with family – trips to the beach, heading north for a weekend in North Conway, swimming in my cousin’s in-ground swimming pool, staying up late to read books, heat waves, barbeques, fireworks, road trips and being crammed in the backseat of my parents’ Sable (there were three of us kids!).

Now my Glory Days include stolen smiles from my toddler and the balancing act of eating an ice cream cone while holding a baby.

These are the days. The Glory Days. The ordinary, pack up the car, head to the beach with mommy and daddy, eat fried seafood, and end the day slurping melting ice cream while gazing at cows.

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