Cleaning is overrated

Well I did my Thing and now it’s time to continue doing it.  So here goes: (Oh, and Huffington Post, feel free to help me go viral!)

Vinny’s christening is this weekend, Sunday to be exact – Sorry, family. Didn’t realize this coincides with Father’s Day until after that fact then figured, hey, we’d probably be doing something together anyway— therefore, I must go into full-fledged cleaning mode. As I’ve blogged about before, I LOATHE cleaning. I love a clean house; just don’t make me be the one to produce it! In fact, I think a good housecleaner is probably more important that good childcare (I kid, I kid), but really, the housecleaner helps me keep my sanity. Well, unfortunately, my housecleaner is on maternity leave (what nerve!), so I’ve been forced to clean my house myself.

OK, now that I just typed those words, I realize what a lie that is. My house is not clean. And if and when I do attempt a thorough cleaning, it’s a mess about an hour later, so why bother? Instead, I pick up what I have to and pray my housecleaner decides to cut her maternity leave short.

But the Christening is this weekend. Thank God the Lord doesn’t judge us by the cleanliness of our house (or does He?).  Fortunately, the weather is supposed to be nice, so my husband’s going prep our yard (think less real cleaning for me). And I get to decorate. Woo hoo! I love decorating. Really, I do!

So the moral of this story: The bathrooms may be yucky, but our yard will be pretty. Maybe I should rent a port-a-potty.

*Editor’s note: The house will be spick and span for my guests (heck I bought Spick & Span at the Dollar Tree today just for this purpose), so you don’t have to fear the bathrooms!  


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