Operation Potty Train commences

December 17, 2012

My daughter peed on the potty four times today. Perfect excuse to start blogging again, right? That and the fact that, as I posted on Facebook earlier this evening, if the Sandy Hook Tragedy has taught me one thing, it’s to take joy in the small things in life.

Since I’m pregnant with my second child – due mid-April –  I decided now is the time to begin Operation Potty Train. I only want to have to deal with one child in diapers at a time. And fortunately, my daughter seems ready to conquer this next milestone.

My process, thus far, has been to have her go diaper and pants free while we are at home. It’s working so well (knock on wood, since I only just began this process a few days ago). She went from not wanting to sit or pee on the potty, to telling me she’s peeing (she’s not really, she just feels the urge) and sitting on the potty and peeing.

She’s extremely proud of herself when she’s done, as am I. We do a little dance and I congratulate her over and over again. She has yet to poop on the potty, but she told me this afternoon she wants to, so that’s a start.

So I will sing my praises of joy. My baby has started peeing on the potty. Let’s hope this momentum continues and maybe my goal of getting her potty trained a month or two in advance of number 2s arrival will actually be successful!

Potty training tips welcomed and encouraged!