Egg on your face

News flash: Your children can do wrong.

Yes, I know we’d all like to believe our little darlings will never lie to us, will always do their homework on time, and will always follow the rules, but in reality, they won’t. Kids will be kids. They will test the limits again and again.

Oh, and one more thing, it’s OK if they don’t win every competition or game they participate in. Moms posted an article today about an Easter egg hunt in Colorado that was canceled due to the misbehavior of the parents. Yes, you read that right. I said parents.

According to the article, too many parents who were determined to make sure their precious peaches found an egg jumped the rope of a children-only hunt. Come on, moms and dads. Can you just chill out? Isn’t the whole point of an egg hunt to look for eggs? And shouldn’t we be teaching our children how to be fair competitors? Not cheaters. Because guess what? When you jump the rope of a children-only egg hunt, you just condoned cheating. Apparently, cheating is now the acceptable norm.

I fear for the future of our society if so-called “helicopter parents,” as the article suggests, are so involved in their children’s’ lives that they ensure they don’t fail even at an egg hunt. We are going to have a generation of self-righteous people who believe they deserve everything on a silver platter without having to do any work.

Can you tell this story irks me?

Now don’t get me wrong. I plan to be fully involved in my child’s life. I can’t wait to join my child’s PTO. I will help her with her homework and cheer her on during her extracurricular activities. But I will also teach her how to lose gracefully. I will teach her that with failure comes strength and that every action has a consequence, both positive and negative.

Finally, I will NEVER condone cheating; not even during an Easter egg hunt.

To all those “helicopter parents” out there, your child is not God’s gift to the world (except for Gianna. She is God’s gift to me and anyone else whose path she crosses!).


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