The super-crazy-hypochondriac-worried-first time-mother (that’s me)

One would think that with this warm weather, cold and flu season would make an early exit. It’s seems everyone I talk to has a sick child. Is it worse this year or am I just much more aware of it now because I have a toddler?

Gi’s had a cough since January. No joke. Granted, the state and intensity of the cough varies (it starts to go away, but then she picks up another bug and it starts again), but she literally has not been cough-free since New Year’s Day.

In fact, last night’s coughing fit prompted a Saturday morning visit to the pediatrician today. Clean bill of health, except for the runny nose, causing her post-nasal drip cough.

However, this most recent pediatrician run has probably landed me on the super-crazy-hypochondriac-worried-first time-mother list.  In the month of February, I was at the pediatrician about once a week.  At one of those visits, she was diagnosed with an ear infection and the other was her 18-month checkup. To my credit, this has been her first visit to the pediatrician since then. Still, I’m sure they think I’m insane.

At every visit, she’s just a little peach. She giggles and chats up a storm with the doctor, and sits quietly as the doctor listens to her lungs and peeks inside her ears. Of course, this makes me one proud mommy. I love to boast gleefully about my well-behaved child. But the doctors, of whom I feel I’ve met just about every single one in the practice (they cover each other for sick visits), must wonder why I even brought her in. If her nose wasn’t running off her face, I definitely wouldn’t have an excuse!

Most of the time, she receives a clean bill of health – lovely sounding lungs, clear ears, and a very relieved, happy momma.  And I always receive the same advice:  elevate her head at night, use a humidifier, and keep her hydrated. (All of which I had been doing anyway).

But then she catches another germ, and the whole song and dance begins again, ultimately ending in a visit to the pediatrician’s after the germ lingers, lingers, lingers.

I swear I’m not a hypochondriac. Little colds and coughs don’t get to me when I have to deal with them, but when it’s my baby, it’s just a different story.

Or maybe I’m just not used to it. She caught only one cold during her first year of life. I nursed her that year, providing her with my own immunity, so I guess now she’s playing catch-up.  Good grief!


I’ll end with a little prayer:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for protecting my child and keeping her free from major sicknesses and illnesses. I know I worry about her minor coughs and colds, but I place my concerns in your arms and ask you to heal her and protect her, as you already do. I thank you for her healthy body and I thank you for giving her to me.



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