Sun, glorious sun

I’m excited for so many reasons this evening, the first being that Boston Moms has posted a link to my blog on their page! Thank you, Boston Moms.  Welcome to my new readers. I hope you enjoy my musings; Feel free to comment, introduce yourself, and ask questions. I promise to respond.

Secondly, the weather just makes me smile. How can it not? Sunday, in my opinion, was the absolute ideal day. Most of the day was spent outside enjoying the glorious day. We started off attending 9 a.m. Mass, followed by a walk around beautiful Lake Quannapowitt. Of course, with baby in tow, we stopped off at the playground during the walk.

Walks with the family, nice weather, and the outdoors: these are the experiences that bring true happiness; it’s what life is all about.  At school, I’m reading aloud “Tuesday’s with Morrie” to all of my students.  Morrie’s words of wisdom from his deathbed are to love and be loved. Money and materialism, he stresses, don’t matter. I find myself realizing this more and more every day now that I have a child.

Yes, I will admit, I often spend time perusing the cute outfits on Zulily (I have quite the obsession for adorable hair bows), and I do take pleasure in dressing my little girl in cute outfits with matching everything. But those “things” don’t bring me true joy.

My true joy comes in spending time with my little one. True joy is watching her light up with glee as she slides down the slide at the park; True joy is listening to her sing her ABCs and “Row, Row, Row the Boat” as I push her in the stroller. True joy is reading “Counting Kisses” and then kissing the eyes, ears, and head, as the book instructs, while she giggles away.

I’m not going to say I have happiness all figured out. I worry WAY too much. I obsess over silly things (the fact that my daughter wakes up a lot during the night, even though she quickly settles herself back to sleep) and am too concerned about what others think of me (a reason I’m hesitant to share my blog with my Facebook friends).

I will also admit I indulge in online shopping sprees and like having new “things “ (there are a few summer dresses calling my name from Victoria’s Secret).  But the feelings associated with these “things” are fleeting.

Weather, the outdoors, and the time to appreciate the outdoors, like I had on Sunday, are what fill my soul. During Mass, the priest said we are bombarded every day with the bad news. We hear about pain and suffering from the media. He said we seldom wake up and say “Thank you, Lord, for this glorious new day.”

But Sunday was a glorious day. This week is going to be a glorious week. And even though I have to work, I am going to appreciate the wonderful world God has given to me and the people He has put in my life for me to love and who love me. Life is for loving and living.

My daughter reminds me of this every time I think of her. My hubby reminds me in his subtle loving ways.  And warm sunny days are the cherry on top.


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