The video monitor arrived!

If I thought I was obsessed with my baby before, well, I just discovered a whole new obsession thanks to my video baby monitor that arrived today: watching her sleep!

Not only does this video monitor give me peace of mind due to her climbing out of the crib episode (now, when I hear her fussing, I can see whether she’s attempting to climb out, eliminating the need for me to go in and check on her, allowing her the ability to soothe herself back to sleep (hopefully)), but now I get to peek in on her during one of her most relaxed states: sleeping.

This evening was the first time I experienced this new-found obsession (can one call it an obsession if it’s only the first day?). I felt almost guilty, as if I was snooping on her during her private time. Why I felt this way, I have no clue since she was actually jumping up and down in her crib, saying, “Lay in mommy’s bed; lay in mommy’s bed (Her grammar is wrong, I know. She should be saying lie in mommy’s bed. But she is only 19 months and it’s hard for me to discern between lie and lay.).”  I almost felt nervous, thinking she was going to figure out a camera was pointing on her. I pictured her turning into a middle-school aged kid, yelling at me for invading her privacy. But alas, she quickly tired herself out, lay down in her crib, and fell asleep.

I suppose, knowing the demeanor of middle school age children so well, the aforementioned fear is warranted, reminding me yet again to appreciate these days. Yes, I need to appreciate the tears she sheds when I put her to bed, the middle of the night wake up calls, and the early start to my days.

But back to the video baby monitor. It even tells me the temperature of her bedroom. How awesome is that? One of my ongoing anxieties is that her room is too cold or too hot. Now, I’ll never have to worry again! Ah, peace of mind. I heart you. No really, I do. Nighttime just got a whole lot easier.

Time to catch me some peaceful  Zzzzzz….


One Response to The video monitor arrived!

  1. Pam Lin says:

    Watching the video monitor has become our nightly activity. Greatest invention ever.

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