Oh sleep, sleep, sleep

I’m tired. T I R E D. But thankful; Thankful that I have Thursday and Friday off from work.  As I like to say, I’ll have a respite from one of my full-time jobs: teaching.

On Monday of this week, I felt rejuvenated, thrilled, and optimistic. I said to my co-workers, this is what every week will feel like next year, only better since I’ll only have to work 2 ½ days as a part of my job share instead of the three days we have to work this week (Yay furlough days! Two days without pay is worth it in my book). But it’s amazing what lack of sleep can do to you.

It turns you cranky, causes silly arguments to break out, and makes you pessimistic. Even when I was walking outside on this gorgeous 75 degree March day, I felt grouchy. I had to keep reminding myself it was lack of sleep talking because I am a sun and warmth worshiper.

So this post will be rather short, but, my loyal blog readers, whoever you are (feel free to comment!), I promise to write more after a good night’s sleep. Plus two whole days off from work are good for a mother’s soul. At least this mother’s soul!

I’m off to get some shuteye.


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