Things I love, part two

Just a reminder to all to appreciate everything you have. So in honor of a rather manic Monday, here is “Things I love, part two”:

  • Bedtimes have been rough lately because Gia has been “testing the waters” yet again. Though the fussiness can be heartbreaking to me (yes, I’m weak!), I do find her new strategies hysterical. Last night, she called out, “I need a diaper change.” (Keep in mind, she’s speaking in sentences and is only 19-months-old.) The hubby went in to change the diaper. Low and behold, it was bone dry! She also will call out the names of literally every person she knows to see if anyone will come and rescue her from her crib. And then, she resorts to crying. Fortunately, this whole “routine” only lasts about 20 minutes and then she’s usually passed out for the night.
  • That my new take on staying happy about working full-time right now is actually working. I changed my mindset and I really don’t mind being at work.
  • That I’m involved in a local town political campaign. It’s actually really fun and I enjoy meeting so many new people.
  • That it’s going to be in the 60s by the end of this week. Hello, trips to the park and walks around the lake. Spring fever anyone?

These are the things I love.


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