Testing the waters, again

March 29, 2012

Just when I think bedtimes are getting easier, she decides to pull a hard one on me. Oddly enough, it didn’t start right away. She went down fine and lay in her bed for awhile. All of sudden she pops up and starts calling for mommy and daddy and saying everything and anything possible for one of us to go in there to see her. She’s still at it (I’m watching her on the monitor).  I can’t take it!  Oh, Lord, how long will this one last?

Oh goodie, she’s not standing up jumping anymore. Maybe she’s starting to realize it’s not going to work.

These are the not so joyous moments of motherhood…


Egg on your face

March 26, 2012

News flash: Your children can do wrong.

Yes, I know we’d all like to believe our little darlings will never lie to us, will always do their homework on time, and will always follow the rules, but in reality, they won’t. Kids will be kids. They will test the limits again and again.

Oh, and one more thing, it’s OK if they don’t win every competition or game they participate in. Boston.com Moms posted an article today about an Easter egg hunt in Colorado that was canceled due to the misbehavior of the parents. Yes, you read that right. I said parents.

According to the article, too many parents who were determined to make sure their precious peaches found an egg jumped the rope of a children-only hunt. Come on, moms and dads. Can you just chill out? Isn’t the whole point of an egg hunt to look for eggs? And shouldn’t we be teaching our children how to be fair competitors? Not cheaters. Because guess what? When you jump the rope of a children-only egg hunt, you just condoned cheating. Apparently, cheating is now the acceptable norm.

I fear for the future of our society if so-called “helicopter parents,” as the article suggests, are so involved in their children’s’ lives that they ensure they don’t fail even at an egg hunt. We are going to have a generation of self-righteous people who believe they deserve everything on a silver platter without having to do any work.

Can you tell this story irks me?

Now don’t get me wrong. I plan to be fully involved in my child’s life. I can’t wait to join my child’s PTO. I will help her with her homework and cheer her on during her extracurricular activities. But I will also teach her how to lose gracefully. I will teach her that with failure comes strength and that every action has a consequence, both positive and negative.

Finally, I will NEVER condone cheating; not even during an Easter egg hunt.

To all those “helicopter parents” out there, your child is not God’s gift to the world (except for Gianna. She is God’s gift to me and anyone else whose path she crosses!).

The super-crazy-hypochondriac-worried-first time-mother (that’s me)

March 24, 2012

One would think that with this warm weather, cold and flu season would make an early exit. It’s seems everyone I talk to has a sick child. Is it worse this year or am I just much more aware of it now because I have a toddler?

Gi’s had a cough since January. No joke. Granted, the state and intensity of the cough varies (it starts to go away, but then she picks up another bug and it starts again), but she literally has not been cough-free since New Year’s Day.

In fact, last night’s coughing fit prompted a Saturday morning visit to the pediatrician today. Clean bill of health, except for the runny nose, causing her post-nasal drip cough.

However, this most recent pediatrician run has probably landed me on the super-crazy-hypochondriac-worried-first time-mother list.  In the month of February, I was at the pediatrician about once a week.  At one of those visits, she was diagnosed with an ear infection and the other was her 18-month checkup. To my credit, this has been her first visit to the pediatrician since then. Still, I’m sure they think I’m insane.

At every visit, she’s just a little peach. She giggles and chats up a storm with the doctor, and sits quietly as the doctor listens to her lungs and peeks inside her ears. Of course, this makes me one proud mommy. I love to boast gleefully about my well-behaved child. But the doctors, of whom I feel I’ve met just about every single one in the practice (they cover each other for sick visits), must wonder why I even brought her in. If her nose wasn’t running off her face, I definitely wouldn’t have an excuse!

Most of the time, she receives a clean bill of health – lovely sounding lungs, clear ears, and a very relieved, happy momma.  And I always receive the same advice:  elevate her head at night, use a humidifier, and keep her hydrated. (All of which I had been doing anyway).

But then she catches another germ, and the whole song and dance begins again, ultimately ending in a visit to the pediatrician’s after the germ lingers, lingers, lingers.

I swear I’m not a hypochondriac. Little colds and coughs don’t get to me when I have to deal with them, but when it’s my baby, it’s just a different story.

Or maybe I’m just not used to it. She caught only one cold during her first year of life. I nursed her that year, providing her with my own immunity, so I guess now she’s playing catch-up.  Good grief!


I’ll end with a little prayer:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for protecting my child and keeping her free from major sicknesses and illnesses. I know I worry about her minor coughs and colds, but I place my concerns in your arms and ask you to heal her and protect her, as you already do. I thank you for her healthy body and I thank you for giving her to me.


Tomorrow’s Friday!

March 22, 2012

I don’t even want to write this out because I fear I may be jinxing myself, but here it goes: Gianna is finally going to sleep at night for me without hysterically crying and asking for another book, to lie with mommy, or a for a diaper change over and over and over again.

It’s got to be because I stuck to my guns. She realized I meant business and business she got. We are now back to a nice little hug, followed by placement in crib. I say goodnight, leave the room and shut light, and she settles down into her crib. Easy peasy, lemon squeezie.

It’s certainly wonderful because she certainly was testing my limits while she tested the waters with me. I hope this new routine lasts for a while. I know there will come a time when she tries, yet again, to test the waters, but for now, bedtime has stopped tormenting me; it’s gone back to being quite enjoyable.

On a side note, however, what is it with babies and colds? Why do they last so long? It drives me insane. A week ago, Gi caught her 100th cold of the season (I exaggerate, but still) and her nose is still runny. I just want her to be free from coughs and stuffy noses. Is that too much for this mama to ask for?

For the most part, she doesn’t seem to be too phased by it. She’s still a happy-go-lucky child, singing and chatting away, but every time she coughs, it feels like a knife is being driven through my heart. I guess that’s what love does to you. When you love someone so much, when they suffer, you suffer too.

Ah the pitfalls of motherhood. But I wouldn’t change it for a second. My daughter fills my heart with so much joy, sometimes I feel like I might explode!

This entry lacks focus, for which I apologize. I am exhausted this evening, but I promise a much more focused entry within a few days.

Oh, and in case you forgot, tomorrow is Friday! TGIF!

Sun, glorious sun

March 19, 2012

I’m excited for so many reasons this evening, the first being that Boston Moms has posted a link to my blog on their page! Thank you, Boston Moms.  Welcome to my new readers. I hope you enjoy my musings; Feel free to comment, introduce yourself, and ask questions. I promise to respond.

Secondly, the weather just makes me smile. How can it not? Sunday, in my opinion, was the absolute ideal day. Most of the day was spent outside enjoying the glorious day. We started off attending 9 a.m. Mass, followed by a walk around beautiful Lake Quannapowitt. Of course, with baby in tow, we stopped off at the playground during the walk.

Walks with the family, nice weather, and the outdoors: these are the experiences that bring true happiness; it’s what life is all about.  At school, I’m reading aloud “Tuesday’s with Morrie” to all of my students.  Morrie’s words of wisdom from his deathbed are to love and be loved. Money and materialism, he stresses, don’t matter. I find myself realizing this more and more every day now that I have a child.

Yes, I will admit, I often spend time perusing the cute outfits on Zulily (I have quite the obsession for adorable hair bows), and I do take pleasure in dressing my little girl in cute outfits with matching everything. But those “things” don’t bring me true joy.

My true joy comes in spending time with my little one. True joy is watching her light up with glee as she slides down the slide at the park; True joy is listening to her sing her ABCs and “Row, Row, Row the Boat” as I push her in the stroller. True joy is reading “Counting Kisses” and then kissing the eyes, ears, and head, as the book instructs, while she giggles away.

I’m not going to say I have happiness all figured out. I worry WAY too much. I obsess over silly things (the fact that my daughter wakes up a lot during the night, even though she quickly settles herself back to sleep) and am too concerned about what others think of me (a reason I’m hesitant to share my blog with my Facebook friends).

I will also admit I indulge in online shopping sprees and like having new “things “ (there are a few summer dresses calling my name from Victoria’s Secret).  But the feelings associated with these “things” are fleeting.

Weather, the outdoors, and the time to appreciate the outdoors, like I had on Sunday, are what fill my soul. During Mass, the priest said we are bombarded every day with the bad news. We hear about pain and suffering from the media. He said we seldom wake up and say “Thank you, Lord, for this glorious new day.”

But Sunday was a glorious day. This week is going to be a glorious week. And even though I have to work, I am going to appreciate the wonderful world God has given to me and the people He has put in my life for me to love and who love me. Life is for loving and living.

My daughter reminds me of this every time I think of her. My hubby reminds me in his subtle loving ways.  And warm sunny days are the cherry on top.

Gym daycare: We just aren’t there yet

March 16, 2012

The one time I attempted to leave Gi with the daycare at my gym was an epic failure. She cried and cried and cried. I think she felt abandoned. When I returned from my 20 minute workout to check on her, she was being held by the daycare instructor and her eyes were red and puffy. I felt terrible.

But, I think I’m going to attempt the gym daycare again. Do I dare?

Part of me thinks I should wait until the summer when I plan to make workouts part of my summer schedule. (I have yet to establish a good workout routine while working full-time and it haunts my subconscious ALL THE TIME.) Why put her or myself through the ordeal when I know it’s not going to be part of our routine just yet? But the other part of me really wants to work out this afternoon. It’s a cold and dreary day, which means no walks or trips to the park. What harm would it be for her to play in the Kid Zone for about an hour?

I know my child will be one of those kids who cry when their mom leaves them on the first day of pre-school.

Several hours later…

Had to cut this one short because she woke from her nap. We didn’t end up going to the gym. Ah well.. I will just have to try it out another night. Tomorrow’s Saturday, so I will be attending my weekly Saturday morning spin class. That I don’t miss. The hubby watches her during that one!!

The video monitor arrived!

March 14, 2012

If I thought I was obsessed with my baby before, well, I just discovered a whole new obsession thanks to my video baby monitor that arrived today: watching her sleep!

Not only does this video monitor give me peace of mind due to her climbing out of the crib episode (now, when I hear her fussing, I can see whether she’s attempting to climb out, eliminating the need for me to go in and check on her, allowing her the ability to soothe herself back to sleep (hopefully)), but now I get to peek in on her during one of her most relaxed states: sleeping.

This evening was the first time I experienced this new-found obsession (can one call it an obsession if it’s only the first day?). I felt almost guilty, as if I was snooping on her during her private time. Why I felt this way, I have no clue since she was actually jumping up and down in her crib, saying, “Lay in mommy’s bed; lay in mommy’s bed (Her grammar is wrong, I know. She should be saying lie in mommy’s bed. But she is only 19 months and it’s hard for me to discern between lie and lay.).”  I almost felt nervous, thinking she was going to figure out a camera was pointing on her. I pictured her turning into a middle-school aged kid, yelling at me for invading her privacy. But alas, she quickly tired herself out, lay down in her crib, and fell asleep.

I suppose, knowing the demeanor of middle school age children so well, the aforementioned fear is warranted, reminding me yet again to appreciate these days. Yes, I need to appreciate the tears she sheds when I put her to bed, the middle of the night wake up calls, and the early start to my days.

But back to the video baby monitor. It even tells me the temperature of her bedroom. How awesome is that? One of my ongoing anxieties is that her room is too cold or too hot. Now, I’ll never have to worry again! Ah, peace of mind. I heart you. No really, I do. Nighttime just got a whole lot easier.

Time to catch me some peaceful  Zzzzzz….