Measuring moments

I measure moments now in times spent with my daughter. It’s a great way to measure life. When I’m upset about something, it sure keeps me in check. She is my number one. I couldn’t be more in love. I think I grow deeper in love every day.

It’s a different type of love than the love I feel for my husband. I love my husband. He, truly, is my number one. I know, if I raise my girl in the way I know is true, she’ll grow up and her life will take her in directions that may be different from my own (of course, I’d love for her to stay close. Real close.) So my husband is my lifetime companion. My soul mate. My best friend.

But my daughter is my daughter. My daughter. It’s hard to explain, unless you have a daughter. She is mine forever.  Even if she leaves me when she’s an adult, she’ll always be mine.

I have now. I have us. She makes me smile and makes my days bright. I love her unconditionally. She is mine.


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