Welcome to Meltdown City

My child is obsessed with me. I’m flattered, really. But sometimes I just want to scream!

Just to leave her to go and take a shower often leads us to Meltdown City. I’m really hoping my 18-month-old is just going through some phase because this separation anxiety she’s experiencing is pure torture to me.

What I don’t understand is why this has suddenly started up again. Maybe it’s my fault. I’m as equally obsessed with her. I’m not kidding. Every time I leave her to go to work, I enter Meltdown City too. But my meltdowns occur quietly in my head and take on the form of guilt (see related post). Clearly, I have a hold on my emotions. My 18-month-old does not.

Let’s take today, for example. Since this is school vacation week, I’m home (and having the time of my life, I should add; although I’m already starting to panic about going back next week!).  My hubby goes into work late today, so we decided to exercise together at home while Gia had breakfast in her high chair. My goal was to complete 30 minutes on the elliptical machine. (No mommies, I didn’t expect her to sit in her high chair for 30 minutes).

At about the half-way point of my exercise timeframe, Gia finished eating and asked to get up. My hubby took her out of the high chair and put in her in the toy room, which holds enough toys to entertain a daycare!

Of course, that didn’t satisfy her, though. Nope; she wanted mommy. Not daddy. Mommy.

“Mommy, hold you,” she whimpered, over and over again.

“This is why I go to the gym,” I snapped at my hubby. “This,” I said over ear-piercing screams, “is not enjoyable.”

After enduring as much fussing as I could possibly endure, I ended my workout three minutes early. I entered her toy room to do some sit-ups and she quieted down almost immediately.

So my light-haired, brown-eyed, adorable little munchkin is obsessed with me. I just can’t get enough of her and I think she knows it. There could be worse things in the world. For now, I’ll cherish her obsession with me because I know one day will come when it will all change.

Meltdown City, be easy on me, please!


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