Pure liquid gold

I swear women are forced to endure labor so squeezing the living daylights out of your breasts while holed up in a science teacher’s prep room every day twice a day while working doesn’t seem so bad.   Pumping while at work was one of my major concerns that increased my anxiety levels when I thought about returning to work, but it’s actually become my quiet time. My work “me time.”

As a teacher, my day is ridiculously scheduled. I have the same routine every day: ID duty, prep, teach, pump & prep, teach, lunch, teach, teach, teach, pump & leave. Some days, the end of my day changes and I pump & then attend a meeting or stay after school with students.

Between prepping for classes, teaching classes, pumping my breasts, and attending meetings, I run non-stop from one thing to the next. So I’ve actually come to appreciate the time devoted to pumping. Yes, it’s true, I could be photocopying assignments for my next class of students, grading papers, or organizing my classroom, but instead, I’m focusing on providing sustenance to my daughter.  Or as I like to call it, liquid gold. Pure liquid gold.

I love nursing. I love the emotional connection it provides me with my daughter and well, I’m not even going to start about the benefits of breast milk.  Although I don’t love pumping (Really, the pulling and squeezing isn’t exactly as comforting as the suckling of a nursing baby), I’ve come to enjoy the “mental rest” pumping provides. During the beginning of my pumping session, I check in with my babysitter, but for the latter of the session, I think of my daughter and devote some of that quite time to praying to God.

So kudos to those working mothers who endure the squeezing and sucking of a breast pump every day to provide liquid gold for their children. Your efforts do not go in vain.


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