Free time. Huh?

So here’s the problem: I need to workout and I know I should workout, but even when my baby goes to bed early and I have an extra hour to spare, I just want to veg out on the couch or, in today’s case, write.

As a full-time working mother, I have NO free time. And usually when I actually get that small iota of time for which one would consider “free,” I have 50 thousands things I can fill it with: prep my bottles for tomorrow, grade papers which have been sitting in my binder for the last week, clean the pans from last night’s supper that are now soaking in the sink, or figure out what in the heck I’m going to teach my five classes of students tomorrow.

What I really want to do is go take my favorite kickboxing class at the gym. I love that class. And guess what, it’s going on right now! The problem is my husband is still at work (technically he just got home, but the class started a half hour ago). When I take that class, I escape into the music and the moves. I hardly feel like I’m working out. But trust me. I am.

I wouldn’t change being a mother for just a second. It truly is the best gift and fulfilling beyond words. But it’s challenging trying to balance it all.

The baby’s crying. I guess this early to bed thing isn’t working out. So long “free” time.


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